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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Photos of an old gate post.

Took some close-up and makro photos of a gatepost, gate and gate hinge, and then manipulated them on my editing programme for some interesting effects.

Click on photos to enlarge.

Soften and blurred the outlines a bit.

Ghosts of gateposts past.

Photo above was changed using cross process manipulation. (I'm using these fancy words but I don't quite know what they mean). The result is very interesting though.

Emphasising the rust on this hinge. (Inverted)

Photo above, cross process.

HDR process. I particularly like this effect.


Shoreman said...

Phillip turns techno geek. We'll forgive you. LOL


Jo said...

Glad you managed to have a throw into the water in between all this beautiful photography. You are gooood... Love the second one and will have to re-invent my hobby once I return to camp. Love and blessings. Jo xxx