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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Booting up with canine attachments.

A view of myself that I never get to see.

Photo by E Bucceri, AKA the Italian leprechaun.

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Sissy between my feet, Tombi wanting to know if I'm going to take all day tying those laces, Bruno on the couch quivering with impatience, and Lady just visible in the left hand corner. Putting on my hiking boots means walking, and the dogs think if they get right on top of my feet that will hurry things along.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Star burst.

Strange effect while shooting into the setting sun through a haze of dust.

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Monday, 10 June 2013

What can I say?

Sunsets, they just keep coming.

Peeping through the trees.


Sunday, 9 June 2013

And winter came howling.

Literally howling. 

Woke up this morning to blue skies and a balmy day, the weather man had predicted a cold front for Sunday, (same as he predicted for last Sunday, didn't quiet happen). Had to get to church early, my turn to unlock, switch on lights, etc., and then welcome people at the door as they arrive.

Standing at the door one has a splendid view to the south and there towering high, was a solid bank of cloud across the horizon, always the first sign of a cold front. Having made it's way from the southern Artic ocean, over Cape town and the Western cape, (snow, sleet, rain floods and freezing weather) right across the country, all of 1500 km, just waiting to pounce on us.

Church came out much later than usual due to the dedication of one of the members first child. Went in with blue skies and came out to grey skies and a freezing wind. Driving home I actually encountered some sleet which changed to small hail stones, then rain.

A strong wind accompanied by cold rain has been rattling the roof all afternoon and stripping the last leaves of the trees. 

Tomorrow the Drakensberg will be covered with snow and we will know winter is here to stay for at least the next three months.


Saturday, 8 June 2013

African sunrise.

Looking out of my front door at about 6 am yesterday I saw the beginning of a beautiful sunrise. The sun would only show above the horizon at +/- 6:52 am, but the sky was already starting to glow.

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Stopped at the spot where the farm road enters the main road to town. Took this photo looking south east at about 6:35 am.

Pulled off the road about 1 km from town and saw this cloud formation in the west turning a rosy pink as the sun rays lit it up from the east.

Looking south east.

And another day about to be born. 

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Giants castle and other photos.

Some photos from yesterday. Clothed in pink, (makes you wonder about the giant).
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The sunlight from the west, north west seems to hang a pink veil over Giants castle.

Sepia photo? Looks like it but no, where the thorn trees are is dirt road, a car had just gone past throwing up dust and the rays of the setting sun is shining through the dust. These trees are about a kilometer away from where I was standing.

Golden glow.

A car can be seen on the road I mentioned in the second photo.

Last light.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Cold front coming.

Up till now our winter has not been very cold but that seems about to change. For the last two days there has been a very strong wind, (almost gale force) blowing out of the west, north west. This is caused by a cold front pushing in over the country from the south, south west from far out over the southern ocean. As the front moves north and north east it pushes air ahead of it and over the Drakensberg escarpment. There is a dust haze that stretches up for several kilometers and drastically reduces visibility. My photos of today's sunset shows this haze clearly.

The weather prediction for tomorrow is 0 degrees celscius  minimum and 0 degrees celscius maximum. Might not be as cold as some other places, but cold enough for here.  

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It's a case of going, going, gone.



... and then virtually gone.