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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

New profile photo.

On Tuesday the Italian leprechaun and I drove to Loteni Nature Reserve in the Southern Drakensberg. It's only 120km, (+- 70 miles) from home but it took us about 3 hours. One of the reasons for taking so long was because we stopped after every other bend or rise in the road to ooh & ah at the stunning scenery and to take photos. The main reason for going was to fish for wild brown trout in the truly magnificent Loteni river. 

Click on photo to enlarge.

Photo by Enrico Bucceri, a.k.a the Italian leprechaun.

Note the concentration as I watch my dry fly floating down a riffle. I never realised I stuck my tongue out when I'm concentrating so intensely.

Will have more posts on this trip in the next few days. I hope to find a map online to show you the route to, and the location of the Loteni Nature Reserve.

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Shoreman said...

You need to get you some waders. They'll keep you feet dry.