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Thursday, 24 December 2015

Bella, a happy pup.

Bella is a small Scottish terrier, not a pup any more, but a dog of at least a year old, she belongs to my land lord's grand daughters. Bella knows that every afternoon, +- 4 pm,  I take my three dogs and Bear, my landlords Alsatian, and go for a long walk around the farm, 4 - 5 km every afternoon. At about 3:30 Bella turns up at my cottage and watches every move I make so that when I walk out the back gate she's there with me and the other dogs. 

Small, I doubt she ways a kilogram wet, but plucky. She should be sitting on a velvet cushion with a pink bow in her hair,(the normal picture of Scotties) not her, the African veld is her heaven, loves to hunt and chase things, no matter how big. Her cuteness is all put on, in her heart she is a killer dog.

Bella in a rain puddle after a hot 4 km walk. Click to enlarge picture. (Photo by Enrico Bucceri aka the Italian Leprechaun). 


Sunday, 20 December 2015