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Monday, 16 April 2012


Been at home all day, due to a bad virus and sinus infection. Came down with it on Saturday and spent the whole weekend in bed, much to the disgust of the dogs who missed out on their walks. Saw the doctor this morning who booked me off work for a week, gave me a shot and a packet of pills.

Eventually got tired of the bed, had spent two days and two nights there already, so I stated experimenting with some of my photos on the Picassa photo editing programme.

Click on pictures to enlarge.

Pencil sketch of a lightning blasted blue gum trees.

The same tree before editing.

Pencil sketch of an old silage silo.


Colour boost.

Museum matte. Same photo as above but with a frame added.

So who say's photos don't lie.


Jo said...

So sorry to hear you were/are ill, Phil. But at least we get to share your post of interesting photos. I have used the pencil sketch before too, and love it. Where are the silos in your photo/s? Hope you are well soon. Blessings and love Jo

Phillip said...

Hi Jo,

The silos are at the entrance to the uMkhomasi wetlands reserve. It used to be a working farm until 1973.

kare said...

You do pretty good work for a sick guy!)
Love the tree..& i learned we Do indeed have these...In the desert no less.
They're called 'Eucalyptus' here.
i should have known this.

i want to live in that Zoomed Silo!> Too Cool.
Praying you feel much better.