Thursday, 12 April 2012

uMkhomasi Nature Reserve.

After my little to do with the snake I sat down for a while to settle my nerves and had a drink of water. While sitting I noticed these wild flowers in the photo below. Setting my camera on Macro and I started taking photos. The whole group of flowers could could fit in a space smaller than my two hands put together. Concentrating on the photography I was able to get over the incident with the snake. (See previous post).

Click on photos to enlarge.

I wish I could name them for you but I'm no wild flowers expert. Next on my list is to find relevant books on the wild flowers of KZN, particularly those growing in the Berg. 

Once I reached the top of the mountain I found myself on a Plateau with the trail meandering off to the horizon.

After about one and a half hours walking I came across this stream rushing down a gorge about 200 feet below me. This is the Inzinga river, though the ranger at the office told me there were no trout in it, I find it hard to believe. To find out for myself I'm going to smuggle my 2 weight in and try a few dry flies here one day, just to satisfy my curiosity.

Further downstream this river connects with other well known trout streams, but just after the entrance to the park it plunges over quite a high waterfall.

Close up of the stream rushing through a chute. Over the centuries the water has sculpted the rock into almost a sort of abstract art.

Looking upstream, to the left is another gorge also with a mountain stream.

Photo of where the two gorges meet and showing the ruggedness of the terrain.

A six meter waterfall on the second stream. I stopped and had lunch just above the waterfall and rested for about fifteen minutes.

Looking upstream from a few meters above the waterfall. Another beautiful small stream that I need to investigate re trout. The cave I was hoping to reach was in some sandstone cliffs just off picture to the left, about another thirty minutes steep hike. The wind had changed direction and clouds were starting to gather so I decided to head back.

On the way back I spotted another bunch of wild flowers same as those in the first photo but of a darker colour.

Now all I had to do was get down this steep bit, about a forty degree slope, then I would be back where I started. My car is parked just to the right of the large clump of trees in the middle of the picture. After four hours and forty five minutes I was back where I started.

I had hardly left the park when a cold front, with freezing mist moved in.


OneStonedCrow said...

My goodness - that was a close encounter with the snake ... Mfezi is also common here in Nam and I've also had a few run-ins with them ... there's no denying though that, with hood spread, it is an awesome sight to behold ...

... the flowers shown in this post are beautiful ...

... and the solitude of the place ... it seems that there are not many visitors ... a good thing in my opinion ...

Phillip said...

Very few visitors. The reserve does not really cater for recreation, but is intended to preserve a unique bit of ecology.

The solitude is magnificent.

Firephish said...

according to "trout streams of natal" the Inzinga does hold trout, but perhaps not above the waterfall ... would be interesting to find out.