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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Black Headed Heron & Groundscraper thrush.

My dogs and I took our usual walk and the first bird I saw was the black headed heron hunting for his supper. A while later I photographed a groundscraper thrush.

Click on photos to enlarge.

Black headed heron waiting for a careless frog to make a mistake.

Grobundscraper thrush. 

Further along my walk I heard a bird singing it's evening song. Searching the branches I eventually spotted this groundscraper thrush near the top of the tree. I so wished I could record the birds song, it's only when I got home I realised that if I had put the camera on video it would have recorded the bird singing.

Side view above. This bird loves open woodlands and gardens with lots of shrubs and trees.

This photo clearly shows the birds distinctive markings.



Kay L. Davies said...

Oh, do try to get the video next time, Phillip.

kare said...

One can almost hear it's song in the heart!