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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Prize giving day.

Thursday was our school prise giving day. Great excitement all around and proud parents arriving in droves.

The Foundation Phase, (gd's 1 - 3) singing "All things bright and beautiful). Their theme was save the planet. Grade 3 children did the welcoming, etc. Christian Stloz,seen back row far right, led every one in prayer, Yalka Rajcoomaar, welcomed the guests in the most amazing way, strong clear voice and full of confidence, handling the microphone like a pro. These children amaze me, at that age I could not say boo to a goose, never mind address a school hall full of strangers.

This little guy in his red tee shirt and long shorts caught my eye, standing in the aisle with his arms folded and watching big brother or big sister, and wondering when he will be standing there.

Save the planet procession. The little girl in front is carrying one of those blow up globes and the other behind are carrying placards with slogans such as don't pollute, and don't litter, etc.

After the prise giving parents and children went to the class rooms to admire the academic and art work and receive the end of year reports. 

Two hours later the senior and intermediate phase, (gd's 4 - 7) prize giving was held.

Senior choir singing the school song, Mrs Shange the choir mistress and isiZulu language teacher conducting. Africans just have a natural singing ability. Often during the day one of the children will start singing, another will join until you have a whole group singing and harmonising. In library lesson I often have to remind them that they not in the music class now, or nothing else will get done. After the prise giving the choir and every one sang the national anthem "Nkosi sikelele Afrika," "God bless Africa". Our national anthem is sung in four languages, isiZulu, Xhosa, Afrikaans, and English.

Trophies and certificates being handed out by Mr Brits, intermediate phase HOD, and Mrs Naido , senior phase HOD, in a stunning white sari.  Mr Meyer, deputy principal behind the lectern, master of ceremony's. Mrs Naido had all the staff green with envy because after the prise giving she and her family left for a two week holiday on the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius.

Second from the left, back row, with the big silver trophy is siThembiso, school maths champion with his aggregate for the year 90% +. One the right, back row, Kiara, Dux of the school, with her average for all subjects, 85% and over. Kiara is one of the most considerate and pleasant people you could ever hope to meet. Second from the left, front row, is Siphesihle of the opportunity class with a special award for perseverance and next to him is Ismail with an award for academic progress. The crutches belong to Ismail, who in spite of his disability is a very optimistic and cheerful person. Always has a smile on his face.

Bryndan Nqindi with his proud Mum. 


Joyful said...

I love the African children with their heartfelt smiles; their wonderful voices in song and the way they are not to shy to dance with joy. This looks like a well attended day and one enjoyed by all!

Jo said...

Hi Phil, this post took me back to when Angus attended Drakensview! Love the little guy in red shirt and long shorts too! Hope you don't mind. I'm going to link this post to mine today. love and blessings, Jo

diane b said...

I love to hear the African singing too. Do you have a school year from January to December or like the English and Americans starting in September?

Phillip said...

Our schools year is January to December.

Thanks for the link Jo.

African children love to sing and dance.

Fred Alton said...

Hello, Phillip! I visited your blog today as recommended by Jo, your sister. What an enjoyable blog post. I love Africa and it's variegated peoples. Your work is very admirable. God bless you for all that you do for His people.

Pat said...

I really enjoyed seeing photos of and reading about your Prize Winning Day. The kids all look so happy with their achievements and so nicely dressed. What a great motivator for the kids!