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Monday, 12 December 2011

More photos with my new Canon Powershot.

Click on photos to enlarge.

Egyptian goose (Alopochen),member of the shell duck family. Mother goose with four of her brood of five. Number 5 is always way behind.

Red bishop weaver birdl.

Red knobed coot (Fulica cristat).

The photos above were taken on Friday the 9th.

The photos below on the 10th & 11th.

Where's Mum? Fledgling house sparrow on my garden fence.

Love you Mum.

I'm watching you. This photo was taken through my lounge window, the bird was about 30 meters away yet very aware of me. Flying ants (termites) were out and the birds were having a feast.

Nothing like a nice bath. These swallows were preening and drying their feathers after flying low over the water and splashing down on the surface. Each sparrow did this several times and then went and sat right on the top branches of a tall dead tree to complete their toilette.

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Jo said...

Phil, within one day / weekend you have gone pro! Your photos are fantastic! I love them all! Love and blessings, Jo