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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Brass ware..

Yesterday the Italian leprechaun and I had one of our monthly 'braai's' (BBQ). The leprechaun arrived quite early as he had decided my brass ware needed polishing. First he made a solution of tartaric acid mixed with some dish washing liquid in a bucket of very hot water. Every item was soaked in this solution for several minutes which removes all the surface grime, then he polished them with a metal polish. According to the leprechaun this activity is very therapeutic.

The leprechauns father, Bucceri Snr., used to be a foundry man specializing in the casting of bronze, thus the leprechauns attraction to all things brass. 

Below are some before and after photos. Click on photos to enlarge.

Hand made brass tea caddie. All the brass items in my cottage used to belong to my late Mum, who used to keep them gleaming like gold. Above is a before picture.

Two small brass partridges and brass candlestick, about 3" high.

The tea caddie after the leprechaun magic.

Camera reflection in the base of the caddie.

Partridges after the leprechaun treatment.

The candlestick after treatment.

Detail on the base of the candlestick.

One thing these photos showed me, is that my garden table needs a coat of paint. 

1 comment:

Kay L. Davies said...

Oh, how wonderful, Phillip. Your leprechaun is a friend indeed! I thought your tea caddy looked quite nice in the before photo, until I saw the 'after'! Wow!
Wishing you the very best for the Christmas season, and in the coming year.