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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Drug mules

Yesterday all of South Africa was shocked at the news that a South African woman had been executed by lethal injection in China. Her crime? Smuggling 3kg of crystal metamphemine into China. The story of her impending execution  has been in all the South African media, TV, radio, newspapers and magazines for several weeks now. 

This morning's newspaper headlines is of  a 23 year old South African woman arrested in Thailand for trying to smuggle 1.5kg of cocaine into the country. The cocaine was concealed in her dreadlocks. This young woman is the product of one of the top girls schools in the country and was said to be studying law at one of our top Universities. Her sentence in Thailand, if found guilty, could be from 20 years to life imprisonment. Her payment for carrying the drugs? A measly $2000.

Now what really gets to me is that with the extensive media coverage of the above case, what on earth was this woman thinking? 

At the moment there are 12 South Africans in Thai jails for drug smuggling offences. Around the world dozens more, especially in South America. All these cases get extensive coverage in the SA media, yet there are always willing dupes. The strange part is that most of the offenders are young women.

Is the lure of easy money so overpowering that all sense and morality flies out the window?


Jo said...

I don't see the news and am horrified at it Phil. What are they thinking? When they have brains and a future ahead of them? Hope you're enjoying your holiday and your new camera. Love and blessings, Jo

Kay L. Davies said...

I don't know, Phillip and Jo, I don't think it's money. I think the reason so many of them are young women is that age-old lure—love. Someone in the drug ring convinces a girl to risk her life for love of him. History and literature are full of such risks, and drug-smuggling is the risk of the times. People, no matter how intelligent, have always been willing to give their lives in the name of love. Okay, we know it isn't "true love" or even real love, it is infatuation, but it is still a powerful lure.
I can only think of one other explanation, and that would involve real love: love of family. If a member of the young woman's family is in danger, she will go to any lengths to save her mother, father, sister, brother, or especially her child. "Do this or we'll kill your family," is a powerful threat. $2000 is not that strong a lure, but danger to family is real.
Just my guess.
On a happier note, I'm also glad you're enjoying your new camera. Your photos are wonderful.

Joyful said...

I heard about the execution and the woman in Thailand but not of all the others. I have no words. Only, "so sad". May God help them in their darkest hour and may God be able to reach others before it gets to that point.