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Sunday, 4 December 2011


Went on my daily forced march with my three dogs and enjoyed it. Lovely sunny afternoon with blue skies, the first for many days.

Sissy and Tombi in the middle foreground and Lady further on. (Click on photo to enlarge and you might actually see them).

Happy mushrooms. (Toadstools?) I'm no mushroom expert so I can't tell. Later in the summer the whole veldt with be full of the Makowe mushrooms, big as a side plate with thick firm flesh, delicious fried in some garlic butter with a bit of salt and pepper.

Only caught one small bass today who took the small muddlers minnow and made a run for it like a trout, instead of diving into the weeds like a self respecting bass should do.


Kay L. Davies said...

Really made me smile today, Phillip. Your "daily forced march" with the dogs, and "diving into the weeds like any self-respecting bass" were my favourite bits.
-- K

Jo said...

Just look at the path you and the dogs beat to the beautiful dam! You have a lovely turn of phrase, Phil! Mmm, I wish I had a Makowe to cook up now, Haven't tasted these since Greytown days. Love and blessings, Jo