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Friday, 9 December 2011

New SX40 Canon Powershot digital camera.

Got my new camera today and tested it out with a few shots.

Photo: Orms

Click on photos to enlarge.

Bougainvilla flowers just outside my front door. The rain that had been falling all day had just stopped so you can see the raindrops on the petals and leaves. Flowers within flowers.

Sissy in a pensive mood.

Lady in red. Maria, my housekeeper dressed and ready to go. Africans go nowhere without dressing smartly. 

You also get a tour of most of my cottage. Far left door to the bathroom, left door with wet washing hanging over, (low energy dryer, very green, might get mould growing on the door)) door to the spare room. Door behind Maria, my bedroom, and I'm standing in the lounge/dining room. The kitchen is a sharp U turn to the left. 

My cottage could be described as a shotgun shack, only there's no back door.

Pin tailed wydah. As I walked out the door he came and sat on this branch not 2 meters from me, thought he could convince me to provide supper as well as breakfast. (This is a strictly B&B accommodation pal).  He turned his head to adjust his Tuxedo as I took this photo.

Foraging in the grass for insects. The grass is short, was cut last week, and the hosepipe in the background is 3/4 in. This gives you some idea of how small this bird is.

The bird is like quick silver does not stop in one place for a second, hard to photograph.

One of the ladies in his harem. This year I've only seen three with him, last year he had at least five. The boy is losing his mojo methinks. The male packs his tuxedo away for the winter, then he looks much like the ladies except for his beak. Summer over, romancing over, tuxedo's not needed to enhance his looks.

These birds are parasitic, they lay their eggs in other bird nest.

One last indoor shot shows the absolute clarity of the photos. This photo was taken with flash.

This weekend I'll be studying the camera manual. After the rain we had the streams will be raging torrents so there will be no trout fishing.


Joyful said...

The photos are fantastic. Now I want one of those cameras, lol.

Maria is a beautiful woman and I always admire how the African women can really deck themselves out and look so smart.

I love all your photos and the birds are so sweet. I love your line "The male packs his tuxedo away for the winter". You can turn a phrase :-)

Kay L. Davies said...

I agree with everything Penny said above. But I'm glad to have seen this beautiful little bird in his tuxedo. He'd have to be wearing a fur coat, and providing them for his ladies, too, if he were living here right now!
Your new camera does take fabulous photos, Phillip. The one of the yellow flower is breathtakingly beautiful.

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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eileeninmd said...

Congrats on your new camera, I loved the photos. I have the SX20 abd gave been very happy with it. I would love to trade up to the newer version though. Have a great weekend.

Desiree said...

How exciting, Phillip. I wish you a great many joyful hours having fun with this marvellous new plaything. You have captured some nice images here. Maria looks so lovely in her red outfit. Please tell her I said so.

Jo said...

Congratulations Phil, with your new camera. And WOW what fantastic photos! I love the one of Sissy, the one of the pintailed whydah. I love them ALL. The books are so clear and of course, Maria looks like a queen. Your house also looks so clean and tidy. Guess who'd have been impressed? mmm? Love and blessings, Jo