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Sunday, 15 July 2012

First snow of the year.

The predicted cold front was no myth and the Drakensberg has had it's first snow of the year, hopefully not the last. Snow melt keeps the rivers flowing before the first spring rains arrive, useful to have enough water if you wish to do a bit of fly fishing. Unfortunately the southern part of the country had freezing weather and too much snow making roads impassible, and torrential rains which caused flooding ans extensive damage.

Click to enlarge.

Weather satellite photo showing the tail end of the cold front passing to the east. The area from about 29* south latitude was affect very badly.  

Tried to take some photos of the snow on the Berg but the light was bad, (midday, very bright) but with a bit of manipulation I did manage.

This is a photo of the northern spur of 'NtabamHlophe, (height about 2000m above sea level), otherwise known as White mountain. ('Ntabam = mountain & Hlophe = white) The Berg & snow can be see behind. 'NtabamHlophe is about 24km from where I stood to take the photo, the Berg behind another +- 10km.

This photo is two photos "stitched" together to create a bit of a panorama.

Well our three week, mid year, winter holiday come to a halt and tomorrow is back to school.


Gorges Smythe said...

I know we're on different ends of the world, but it seems strange for you to have your first snow when we're just getting to our "insufferable" time of year!

Joyful said...


Believe or not I miss the cold when it gets too hot for a few weeks, lol. Today we had welcome rain. It is cloudy right now but sun will come out again tomorrow I think.

Stay warm.