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Monday, 9 July 2012

More Sondela birds.

Sondela is a birders paradise, with hundreds of species of birds of which I only managed to photograph a few.

Click to enlarge.

Male Red-headed finch.

Female Red-headed finch.

This guy was waiting for an open spot at the bird feeder, while he waited he had a snooze among the thorns. Those thorns are as vicious as they look, yet giraffe and other browsing antelope manage to pluck the tenderest leaves from among them.

Scaly-feathered finch.

Crested Francolin. 

These Crested Francolin were photographed as the sun rose, with a slow shutter speed, thus the blurred bird in the middle. 

Swainson's Spurfowl, there are several coveys of these birds here on the farm where I live. 

White-crested Helmet-shrike. While I was at Sondela I photographed three different types of shrike, the Crimson-breasted shrike, the Grey-headed shrike and these.

Another view of the White-crested Helmet-shrike.

This is a juvenile eagle of some sort the closest ID I could get was one of the snake eagles.


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Always an interesting post. You're doing a superb job with the camera.