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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Bushveld braai. (BBQ)

When South Africans spend a weekend or evening together we almost always end up having a "braai", Afrikaans for BBQ. Well last Saturday evening we had a "braai" at Sondela.

While we were sitting around the fire this Nyala ewe wandered up looking for a snack, and here she is taking a piece of cucumber from my hand. 

Mutton chops and some beef suasage over the coals.

The result on the table with a bottle of Cabernet wine. My sister in law Estele and her husband Wim. Wim designed and built the house at Sondela. Strange how people close their eyes when you take a photo.

The house they built a Sondela was not built just for their own pleasure and use, but to bless others as well. Dozens of families get to enjoy the facilities every year, all for free, gratis. These are two people who don't just live for themselves but to serve others.

This little stove in the lounge at Sondela, imported from Denmark, is the most efficient heating system you could imagine. Just a few logs of wood heats up a huge room for the whole night. Not cheap but worth every penny.


Jo said...

Do the buck wander around the house and garden? Those two people spread love and blessings wherever they are. That type of stove looks like it would do well in the Free State during winter. Love and blessings. Jo

Joyful said...

Amazing that the Nyale ewe just walked right up to you. We have that in one town in the next province where the elk and deer are so plentiful but they get a lot of tourists there so the wildlife becomes accustomed to it.

I love the place at Sondela and I love that Wim and his wife are servants of the Lord and open their home for others to enjoy. If I should ever get that way, I'd love to stay there :-)

Phillip said...

Hi Jo-Anne, there are no fences around the houses, the bush is your garden.
Joyful you'd be most welcome.

Joel said...

A proper BBQ (Braai), no nasty roasted veggies here! :-) That looks a lovely place and lovely people, Philip. That stove, is is soapstone stove by any chance? I am thinking about getting one here.

Phillip said...

Joel, I think it could be. I thought it was some sort of ceramics they used inside.

Rosemary Swinbourn said...

Love your pictures, Phil. Amazing how you get people that live to bless others! Thank God for folk like Wim and Estelle. They have blessed our family as well.
Rosemary x