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Saturday, 28 July 2012

African mountains.

Amazing what can be done with a little digital editing of a photograph.

Click to enlarge.

This first photo is as it was taken, in very harsh light, and it looks very bland and washed out.

Above is the same photo. I adjusted the colour's and contrast in Picasa photo editing, saved the results as a separate photo, then I blended the two in Gimp photo editing, and the result is a photo with a more vibrant appearance.  

The foreground of this photo was 2km from where I was standing, the ridge in the middle about 5km away, and the two hills in the background about 10km.  In the valley just behind the yellow  ridge with the two Acasia trees, lies the town of Estcourt.


Mark Kautz/Shoreman said...

The editing definately gives is more defination.


Jo said...

Great fun, photo editing and you're getting really good at it, Phil. I was trying to work out the direction, fortunately you explained! Love and blessings. Jo

Pumice said...

As a matter of curiosity, not criticism, which photo looks more like what you would see if you were there? Does the brain filter things the way your software does and produce and enhanced perception? I know it happens with sound, but does it happen with light?

Technology is wonderful

Grace and peace.

Phillip said...

The true image lies somewhere in between the two. The camera can't capture what you eye sees exactly so we try and change the photo to what it should be.