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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Berg winds.

Today is not a Berg wind day, it's a miserable cold wind heralding a cold front that is said to be approaching and should be here overnight/tomorrow. Towards the end of July going into August the Berg winds start to blow, bringing with them the fire season and the danger of run away veld fires. The whole farm here where I live is cris crossed now with fire breaks.

Last year in August I wrote a post on Berg winds, . Towards the end of last month I received an email from the publishers, Macmillan, South Africa, (Educational division) asking permission to use my post in a grade 11 geography text book, in the section dealing with Berg winds. Needless to say I gave permission and felt quite good to think that they thought it was good enough for their text book.

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Pumice said...

Congratulations and it comes as no surprise to your readers.

Grace and peace.