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Friday, 6 July 2012

House at Sondela Game Reserve.

Some external and internal views of the house I stayed in over the past weekend.

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Northern view, the room on the left is the main bedroom, middle room is the living- dining room and kitchen section of the house. The tall mast on the right is a lightning conductor, there is another just off picture to the left. Every house, (120 in total) built here must have a thatched roof and lightning is a constant threat here in the summer,

This is the back door of the house on the southern side, looking right through the main living area. The kitchen is just to the left of the door.

Roof detail of the room I slept in, the beams are specially treated blue gum poles. The treatment protects the beams against termites and rot.

All the rooms have these cane/rattan roller blinds, and each room also has it's own exterior door. 

View of the other spare bedroom on the south western side of the house.

En suite bathroom for the spare bedroom above.

This is the view of the en-suite bathroom for the room I used. A large sheet of frosted glass divided the bedroom from the bathroom, I really enjoyed the oversized shower head. All the hot water used in the house came from solar water heaters, with a back-up electrical  water heating system.


Joyful said...

I love everything about the house; the rattan, tile, carpets, windows and tilework. If it has solar heat even better. Very nice!

Pumice said...

All this and running water too. A beautiful place.

Grace and peace.

Linda said...

A really lovely place! I love that large shower head. Thank you so much for sharing. Greetings from Montreal, Canada.