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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Birds of Sondela.

Sondela game, reserve where I spent last weekend, teems with birds, I wasn't able to photograph even a small fraction of them.

Crimson breasted shrike. Not a very clear photo as this bird was looking for breakfast and never sat still for a second.

Helmeted Guinea fowl kicking up dust while the scratch for seeds under the bird feeder.

African Grey Hornbil, looking puzzled, l trying to figure out how to get into the bamboo bird feeder. The dish on top was a temporary measure as the original lid had been mislaid. 

Grey-headed Bush-Shrike, I think this was a juvenile as it's red breast feathers weren't fully coloured yet. I was only about three meters away from this bird but it seemed totally unperturbed by my presence.

The same bird as above, looking for thorn a thorn to spike his latest victim on. 

Southern Yellow-billed hornbill. Females seal themselves into a hole in a tree trunk, the male bringing mud for the purpose, while hatching the eggs. Her mate feeds her through a narrow vertical slit in the mud wall. 


Jo said...

Wow, Phil, that Crimson - breasted Shrike is beautiful! I love hornbills and their unique nesting methods. You were SO blessed to get so close to the Grey-headed bush shrike. Did you hear it call? It is also known as the Ghost Bird or Spookvoel because of it's hauntingly spooky call. xxx

Mark Kautz said...

This is great, Phillip. It's like going to the zoo without the three hour drive. Much appreciated.


Gorges Smythe said...

Lovely creatures!