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Friday, 8 June 2012

Update on Cat the cat.

When you live as close to your pets as I do, you realise how different their personalities are. Cat the cat is a gentle, introverted soul, who does not take well to change. If Cat were a Human I think he would have been a poet. It took a very long time for him to trust me, (more than a year) and to move out of the culvert under the highway into the house. The dogs did nothing to help, chasing him whenever they saw him, although I threatened them with death, (a fly swatter my grandfather made about 40 years ago).

Just when Cat became really settled in, (that took several years) I got Bruno the miniature Doberman Pinscher. The moment Bruno saw Cat the cat he decided this was a very dangerous animal and attacked Cat, I don't think Bruno had ever seen a cat before. After more than three months Cat has still not recovered, though Bruno has accepted Cat. Cat now only comes sneaking into the house, through the kitchen window, after dark. Where he spends his days I don't know, in his old haunt, the culvert, maybe?

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Cat sitting on his favourite spot in the kitchen, in front of the micro wave. 

Cat is more, much more than twice the size of Bruno and could have thrashed him if he wished. Cat the cat is a Big cat a very big cat, and one day I must weigh him.

My old cat, (inherited from my mother) Matewis, would have given Bruno a hiding he would never have forgotten.  Matewis, (Afrikaans for Matthew) lived to the ripe old age of 22. When it came to attitude, Matewis could have taught Garfield a thing or two.

Cat's favourite time of day is while I'm shaving and bathing at 5am, the dogs are still in their beds, and we can spend some quality time together in the bathroom.


Joyful said...

Cat is very pretty. She must have had a very terrible time before you took her in for her to be so afraid of other beings.

OneStonedCrow said...

Cat is a handsome fellow indeed - and he does have a 'look' in his eyes ...

... you're right, each animal has a distinct personality ...

Shoreman said...

Hi Phillip. Being a person with 3 cats in house, they do indeed have differing personalities.