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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Long-crested eagle.

On my way back from my usual evening walk with the dogs, I spotted this Long-crested eagle sitting on the very top of a willow tree. The sun had set and the light was very bad, had to shoot this picture at a very long distance against the western sky, so it's a silhouette, without much detail. Once again I came to appreciated the usefulness of a tripod. 

Long-crested eagle, (Laphaetus occipitalis). The bird was facing away from me and looking over it's shoulder. In spite of the long distance it was very aware of me.

This is the first time I've managed to get a photo of this bird, though I've seen it often enough on my daily walks but always at a long distance. It always flies away before I can get close enough to take a photo. Prey, mainly rodents, but also reptiles and insects.

Photo above from Wikipedia.


Shoreman said...

Nice "shadow" shot. Interesting bird.


OneStonedCrow said...

Great shot Phillip - I've never seen one of these birds ... I think that they don't occur in Namibia ...

Kay L. Davies said...

Oh, very interesting, Phillip. I've never heard of most of the birds in Africa, so I find it fascinating.

eileeninmd said...

Hello Phillip, great sighting of your long-crested eagle, It is a cool looking bird. Sounds like the have great vision, have to sneak up on it next time. Thanks for sharing, have a great Sunday!