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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Schooling and education versus true education.

I came across this quote today by the photographer Alain Briot.

"In "education" there is schooling and there and there is true education, paideia, to use the Greek term. Schooling is how we acquire skills and knowledge. Education is about what stirs the soul."

In education today there is lots of schooling, but little true education. 


OneStonedCrow said...

Makes me recall the lines of some song:

'you can send a man to school but you can't make him think' ...

Pumice said...

This brings up the constant conflict between "content" and "process." Modern education is actually only about stirring the soul. That is important, but the factual content is also important. Adolf Hitler, to use the easy example, was a great soul stirrer. His content however was pure evil. More current examples might be Osama and Obama. Both has been able to stir souls. Both have questionable content.

It takes both. It is an important thing to remember.

Grace and peace.