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Monday, 11 June 2012

Photo editing.

Feeling as proud as Punch, blended my first two photos, (same scene, different exposures), successfully and made one reasonable picture. I have discovered that to simplify matters you need to take both originals using a tripod. 

First photo.

Exposed for the sky, foreground washed out.

Second photo.

Exposed for the foreground, sky washed out with no detail.

Combination of the two.

Click to enlarge.

Both exposures combined, good foreground and much more detail in the sky, sky still too light though. To use some new photographic  buzz words I've just learn't, "better dynamic range." The mountains in the background are very far away. In the middle distance in front of the dark hill one can see some electricity pylons, part of an electrical substation that is about 7km away from where I was standing. The telephoto effect of the cameras zoom lens compresses the distance and makes things look closer than they really are. 

Once I learn how to do cloning I'll remove the pylons and have a pure landscape.

This old man keeps surprising himself with all the new tricks his learning.

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Shoreman said...

OK, with that one you just left me in the dust.