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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Interior shots for Joyful.

Here are some interior shots of the house, Joyful wanted to see more.

The guest house lounge, dinning room and kitchen. Just to the right of the door leading out is another guest room with it's own bathroom and toilet. These facilities are often used by visiting missionaries from all over Africa. Not strange to arrive here to find Mozambuiqan's, Chanaian's and others staying over. My sister in law was involved with YWAM for many years while my brother in law is involved with a men's ministry called Living Word. Christian hospitality and service is their normal way of living.

View towards the guest bedroom, bathroom and toilet on the right.

Looking from the kitchen towards the dining area and outside entertainment area. 

The main lounge, the cover over the couch is to protect it from the sun.

Looking towards the kitchen. You can see how the early morning sun just streams in through these north facing windows. 

The entertainment area.

The front door from the inside. This home is filled with warmth, love and peace.

PS. Excuse any spelling mistakes, my spell check is not working and I'm dislexic, so for the life of me there are words I just can spell. Even spelt dislexic wrong.


Kay L. Davies said...

What a wonderful place. I can see why Penny (Joyful) wanted to see more photos of it.
Sorry I haven't been commenting for a while, but I have been unwell. I seem to be improving, just in time to go out to Vancouver for a memorial service and to visit my family, so I might not be commenting next week, either.
Your photos are super, Phillip. I surfed through your last several posts and I can see how much you're enjoying your camera and your photo-editing. Keep up the good work!

kare said...

What a dream home! Makes me want to come live there! It's good to see the Lords blessings on a home, a family.
Thanks for sharing!

i didn't notice spelling problems... i understood all you's that merry go round in my head, i guess.:p

i'm just happy to be blessed with the ability to join in and enjoy all this Lovelyness!

Jo said...

That's why the Estelle and Wim's home is filled with warmth and love: Christian hospitality and living! Imagine a "sonkamer" in Pretoria! The light pouring in is almost symbolic. Does Estelle play the piano? Love the kitchen - love the whole place! Enjoy your visit and give them my love. Jo

Joyful said...

Thank you Phillip for indulging me. I really enjoyed the interior of this place. It is filled with light from the big windows and warmth from all the beautiful wood finishings, and the people who run the place. I know I would enjoy staying here! Enjoy your weekend.