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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Birds & bougainvillea.

Sat on the veranda looking out at the bird feeder here where I'm staying in Pretoria.

Click to enlarge.

Weaver bird at the feeder made of bamboo. Right behind the feeder, (about 3 meters), is a grove of bamboo. Every two years or so it has to be cut down or else it blocks the winter sun. This feeder was made from a piece of this bamboo. Much nicer than the plastic ones on sale at various garden stores.

A sparrow waiting for a turn at the feeder. I just love the bold markings on this birds back. 

Weaver bird and sparrow having breakfast together.

Walked around to the back of the house to photograph this bougainvillea growing over the garden wall. Further up the driveway there are bougainvillea's with different colours but they were not flowering as well as this one.


kare said...

Beautiful Birds!
i was thinking how lovely that Bamboo feeder is ... SO Much Nicer than mass produced plastic ones.
Bamboo is one of my favorite things
...we have small plots of it growing around our town..they don't get that big though:>
Nice pictures!

Joyful said...

Great shots of the birds. I love all that dazzling colour!

Jo said...

Those Sparrow-weavers are striking birds with the combination of brown, black and white. I love the natural feeder. Blessings and love Jo