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Saturday, 21 January 2012


School started for the new academic year on the 9th. of January for teachers and the learners arrived on the 11th. I did not see the learners until 16th. The first week of school is just too busy with the issuing of text and excersise books, and various administrative tasks to be completed, class lists, class registers, etc.

This grade 5 class has been coming to me for 4 years now. First lesson of the year how to care for books. 

Grade one's in the library for their first story time. They had more stories to tell me than I had to tell them. About new baby brothers, puppies, kittens, you name it they all had something to tell me.

This grade one class, still very enthralled by the idea of school and learning. How long before the system squashes that enthusiasm?


Jo said...

I love the enthusiasm on the first graders' faces, Phil. I hope their interest lasts for a long time. Very good idea to teach all children how to care for books. I taught mine to this from their first rag book! I've been thinking: out of all of us, you have the most children, LOL! Love Jo

Gorges Smythe said...

I've read many places that the REAL purpose of public school is to produce people who mindlessly obey. I think they're probably correct.