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Sunday, 1 January 2012

Makaranga Garden Lodge 4.

After this post every one is going to think that all I do is hang out at fancy restaurants. Only at Christmas and on my birthday. On the 26th Jane and I paid a visit to the beautiful Makaranga Garden Lodge to sample some of their famous cheese cake, but more importantly to wander around and enjoy the beautiful gardens.

Previously the property used to be the private residence of a very rich man. When he sold it included a lot of the sculptures and art work that he had collected over the years.

One of the sculptures in one of the many small lakes that are scattered around the property.


A view of part of the main lodge building.

Small bronze sculpture tucked away in a forest glade.

Pan playing his pipes.

Inside the building there are sculptures and paintings every where. 

This group of elephants taken from above.

Two kudu bulls.

Roan antelope.

These indoor sculptures were all in one small area, and I have not included them all. It's a bit like being in an art museum as you wander through the lodge.


Joyful said...

It's nice to go to a great restaurant with beautiful grounds on your birthday. The cheesecake looks so delicious I can almost taste it from your photo :-)

Desiree said...

I remember well an earlier post you did on this marvelous garden. I must say that cheesecake looked divinely tempting and I'm it met your expectations. I wish you all the very best for 2012, Phillip. I've loved these Christmas and Birthday celebration posts.