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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Living & dying

Took the dogs for a long walk around the farm yesterday. Didn't take a fly rod, just the camera. Click on photos to enlarge.

Yellow-billed egret, (Egretta intermedia). I had an idea that there was something wrong with this bird. It was hunched up, and hunkered down and all on it's own. These birds are usually in flocks and fly away at the approach of humans, this one just sat there.

Unfortunately my observation that the egret not being well proved to be true. When I went walking this afternoon I found that the bird had died.

Blacksmith Lapwing, (Vanellus armatus). Gets its name from it's call a klink klink klink. Much like a small hammer being struck against an anvil. Very aggressive during the nesting season. The bird at the back appears to be a juvenile and has what looks like a minnow in it's beak.

A pair of White-faced ducks. What struck me about these two is how unperturbed they were at the approach of me and the ducks. Even when lady entered the water to swim, a few meters from them, they hardly moved. 

Southern Red bishop. (Euplectes afer) This bird had just chased a bird of another species away from the nests, looked like a Red breasted cuckoo. Cuckoo's like to lay their eggs in weaver birds nests.

Tranquil waters.


Jo said...

Wow Phil, now not only a top fisherman but a keen birder and excellent photographer to boot. Sad about the egret. Good old Red-chested Cucko; this bird can enter a nest, lay an egg and be out within five seconds. A few months ago, I photographed a White-browed Robin-chat frantically feeding juvenile Red-chested cuckoo. It was almost twice her size. Love, Jo

Shoreman said...

Another excellent tour.


eileeninmd said...

It is sad about your beautiful egret. I really enjoyed all your other birds. The Blacksmith Lapwing is pretty, great series of photos.

Gorges Smythe said...

The egret's deaath may well mean that another animal will eat. Over here, cowbirds pull the sneak on other birds with the egg laying stunt.

Kay L. Davies said...

Very sad about the egret because you had seen it alive and then found it dead. I'm sure it's true about its body providing food for another animal, but sad nevertheless.
The rests of your birds are gorgeous, and Jo is right, you are becoming quite the bird photographer! I'm certainly enjoying your photos.