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Friday, 20 January 2012

Bird bedtime.

Took my  evening walk with the dogs a bit later than usual, just in time to watch all the birds heading home to bed.

Click on photo to enlarge.

Black-headed herons. This photo was almost shot from the hip. Amazing how fast these birds are moving, when you are trying track them in your camera view finder.

White-throated swallows on their spiky roost, settling down for the night.


Jo said...

You got excellent shots of the herons in flight. That's always a difficult one, because birds move so fast! I've never seen White-throated Swallows. Didn't get them in the Free State and of course, we don't see them here in Kenya. Have a restful weekend, Phil. love and blessings. Jo

Kay L. Davies said...

The white-throated swallows are lovely little birds, Phillip, but it's hard to believe they would choose barbed wire on which to sleep!
Shooting from the hip is sometimes the only way to get birds in flight, and you did a good job with the herons.

Casey said...

Those swallows are pretty!