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Friday, 6 January 2012

African vistas.

Took  these photos with my Black Berry phone camera, except the last one. 
Click on pictures to enlarge.

Took the photo about from the lookout point on the eastern edge of the Weenen game reserve. Below is the Bushmans river flowing through the lush farmlands of the Weenen valley, with blue mountains stretching, it seems, into infinity. 

At the edge of the rocks in front is a vertical drop of 60 meters, almost 200 feet. Last week Friday a young American fell down the cliff and survived, not one broken bone, but badly bruised and lacerated. Miracles still happen. As you can see I stood well back from the edge. It's a well known fact that gravity sucks, might not be scientific, but it's true.

Park like savanna country that typifies the Weenen game reserve. The climate and vegetation differs completely from where I live in Estcourt, about 40 km away. The reserve lies at a much lower altitude and is much hotter. 

Said to be about 200 species of birds in the park, various antelope, giraffe, and Rhinoceros.
There are no large carnivores such as lions or leopards, but jackals, and other types of wild cats, such as caracal do occur. 

This photo of a small group of kudu cows was taken with my camera before it went flat.


Manta said...

It's a grand sight! Thank you.

Shoreman said...

That looks like the antelope the girl was feeding. The one that I told you about.


Joyful said...


Gorges Smythe said...

Joyful said it right!