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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Interesting insects

On my walk yesterday afternoon I came across this large, hairy Caterpillar on the trunk on an old Black wattle tree.

I think this caterpillar was preparing to pupate.  This might be a caterpillar of one of the very large moths that we have here.

Longer than my index finger, with eyebrows almost as bushy as mine.

When I got home I spotted this small  Praying mantis on my car.


e.m.b. said...

Wow! What a bug, that caterpillar! Spring is sprung. :)

Jo said...

Glad you didn't touch that caterpillar! I love mantis and so does my Sudanese cat. It's a race to get onto the veranda on the morning, remove the praying mantis's to the safety of the garden before he wanders out.