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Monday, 15 August 2011

Freezing cold.

Another cold front passed through this week end dumping loads of snow on the Berg and heavy rain. So far we have had four snowfalls on the Drakensberg this year, most years it's only two, sometimes only one. The N3 highway was once again closed for several hours. 

These cold fronts always seem to pick the week ends. I've been living in Estcourt permanently since 1993 and I can't remember it ever being so cold. Long time residents and people born here say it's the coldest in more than thirty years. So much for global warming. I suppose the "experts" will tell us it's because of global warming that the winters are so cold!

But the sky cleared late this afternoon and the sunset promised good weather for tomorrow.

Another cold front is predicted for this Friday. 


Jo said...

Ah, that sunset photo makes up for it all, I'm sure. And another cold front in time for the weekend? Wrap up warmly. Love and blessings. Jo

Jo said...

Hi again, Phil. meant to say: I love the way you've caught the highway railings etched against the sun. Brilliant!

Shoreman said...

Hey Phillip. I think the cold
Winter we had, has just migrated to your area. We are in the middle of Summer here. It is August 15th and we still have snow on the mountains left over from last Winter. Hope yours isn't as rough as ours was.


Desiree said...

Nothing for it except to stay snugly indoors wrapped up in a fleecy blanket, hot chocolate by your side, book in your lap, warm glow from the fire adding cheer to the room ;)

Pumice said...

I guess you have not heard it is not "global warming" any more. It is now "climate change." I always thought climate change was what happened in the change of seasons, but who am I?

Great pictures.

Grace and Peace

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