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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Late Winter bass.

Walked down to the bottom dam on the farm to do some bass fishing. Spinning rod and soft plastic worm. Very slow retrieve in winter, often leaving the lure lying still for long periods.

This bass above took the worm on my first cast, in deep water.

After about 30 minutes of no action I moved to a shallower part of the dam, and my next cast produce this nice fish. Lean and hungry after their prolonged winter fast. My next cast produced another fish slightly bigger than the one above. Before I could get it to pose for a photo it shook the hook lose and flip, flopped down the bank and into the water.

As the days get longer and temperatures increase, bass will become more active and feed to prepare for spawning that takes place here end of October through November.


Shoreman said...

Hi Phillip. I'm looking more and more toward warm water fish since the trout are all, but non existant here in Nor-Cal. Good to hear it's warming up in you part of the world.


Gorges Smythe said...

You didn't say if you kept them, but they make fine eating!