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Tuesday, 16 August 2011


The weather went from freezing cold this morning, (my car looked like it was made of crystal, it was so covered with ice), to warm this afternoon. So concerned about getting the ice of the windows and get to work, I forgot to take a photo.

At about 4:30 this afternoon I took the dogs for a walk. The thought of going for a walk always drives them mad with joy. While I'm putting my boots on, they wrestle with each other, race in and out of the cottage, get in the way while I'm trying to tie my boot laces, and generally try to hurry me up.

Click on photos to enlarge.

On the way I took this close up of a weathered old fence post. In the Southern hemisphere the moss grows on the south side of trees and on posts, like this one above. To find your way at night you have the Southern Cross, a bright and beautiful constellation of stars.

Sissie caught in full flight, ears flapping, a perpetual motion machine, she only knows one speed, and that's full speed ahead. It's as if she's scared that she will miss something if she doesn't cover as much ground as possible.

First leaves of spring on the top branch of a thorn tree.

Thorn tree, caught in the last rays of the setting sun.

The pathway home, Tombi and Lady in the middle distance. Sissie is somewhere in the tall grass, out of sight looking for adventure, new experiences, who knows?

Tombi and Lady investigating an interesting scent, while Sissie gallops out of picture to right. She found the scent Tombi and Lady are investigating, but she's off to find something new.

Another sign of Spring, black wattle tree in bloom. Soon this tree will be a mass of blooms. Not good if you suffer from hay fever.
The lane approaching the cottage from the south. My cottage lies on the left fork where Lady is standing. 


Desiree said...

Oh, I enjoyed this walk with you and the dogs! I well know the exuberance that the mere mention of the word 'walk' generates among our canine companions and the way they eagerly try to hurry along the process :) Your three have it SO LUCKY with their wonderful hiking/walking/romping/galloping full speed ahead trail! They must be so fit and healthy and full of life. Again, I wish we had a really good, easily accessible, SAFE place to walks our dogs. I love your lane and the wide open spaces. The acacia trees are so beautiful and I can just imagine all the birds that reside where you live.

Jo said...

Ah Phil, how well I know the excitement when the dogs know they're going for a walk. We arrive home in SA next month on Sunday. As soon as we've greeted the dogs (who go MAD when they see us after so long) and found the cats, who don't just come bounding up with glee (ha), we're going to take the three dogs for a walk on the golf course. Eddie is just like Sissy. She hurtles off into the blue and finds all sorts of things to hunt (even a poor rat once). I loved this walk with you. Hope we see you when we come out. We have so litttle time, but hope to make a plan and get to everyone. Blessings and love Jo PS Your photos are awesome!