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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Bass flies.

Tied a couple of bass flies yesterday. Big and buggy with lots of movement.

Used a large bass hook, tail of soft brown hackle feathers, deer hair collar, and spun deer hair body.

The hackle feathers are about three times the body length to provide lots of movement.

This one's tail is long soft grisly hackle, collar of elk hair and spun deer hair body.

This photo shows the length of the hackle relative to the body.


Desiree said...

I can only guess at how inricate this must have been to make. Even threading a needle to sew on a button has become a long drawn out, frustrating job for me, and that's wearing my specs & using a needle threader!

Such beautiful pictures, Phillip. So Olde World with your Angler's Song in the background and the professional Angler's tools in the foreground!

John said...

Interesting use of a bass hook Phillip. It should make the fly dive on the strip and the deer hair collar will make it pop back to the surface. It will likely work on many species.

Pumice said...

I must confess this is a part of life that I have no experience with. What a glorious complex world. Enjoy. I am going to go to the library.

Grace and peace