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Tuesday, 30 August 2011


This afternoon while I was reading  I noticed lady watching me.

We could be fishing and you're sitting there wasting time reading!

Ah well.

I might as well have a little snooze.

About seven years ago I found Lady up wandering about on a busy road in the early evening traffic, she was then a pup of about eight weeks old.  After enquiries at the S.P.C.A, the local Vet and an advertisement in our local weekly news paper. Getting no response from anyone, I decided to keep her. At first I thought someone had dumped her near the road, but as I got to know her I realized she was an escape artist second to none, and she liked to explore, even at that young age.  

Maria, my housekeeper, insisted that we name her Lady, after another dog I had, that had died about six months earlier of cancer. The original Lady was a special favourite of Maria's and looked a lot like the present Lady.

(The covering on the couch is a hand woven, fine weave, woollen rug, actually intended as a floor covering. This is quite a big rug, about 3 metres by 2.5 meters, cover the whole couch, and hangs down to the floor in front, the back and the sides. The couch was getting a bit tatty, so I thought the rug would do nicely to cover it.  I bought the rug at a place called KwaZuluNatal Weavers, about 30km from Estcourt, price R300, less than $50. Zulu women weave these rugs on hand looms).

Soon after I took these photos I took my #6 fly rod and we went fishing, and caught a nice 14" bass on a brown and olive bead head woolly bugger. Took a photo of the fish but the light was too bad.


e.m.b. said...

What a lovely ending...Lady is a lucky dog.

Jo said...

Ah Phil, Lady must have been happy when you took them out to the dam! I love the woven couch cover. Hope to see you soon! Blessings and love, Jo

Gorges Smythe said...

I had a dog named "Lady" once. She raised me through my teenaged years. :-)