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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Farm gates

Farm gates tell there own story. We just need to decipher them, must be a Roseta stone somewhere which will unravel their ancient secrets?

How many seasons have they seen come and go, freezing winter, scorching summers.

sunset over the farm gate.


Crystal Mary said...

Gates are wonderful,some you know where they will lead and others not.When we came to live where we are now I wanted to gates taken down. I felt it makes people more welcome to enter. However, we do have one leading to to back. It keeps the dogs safely within, and prople rarely venture. Yes, your gates have a mysterious air...who knows where they will lead??

Jo said...

Hi Phil, my imagination goes into overdrive when we pass gates like yours in the photos. They do have a sense of mystery in them. Love the sunset. Love and blessings, Jo

Gorges Smythe said...

You've got the heart of a poet, Phillip. (And the eye of a good shutterbug!)

Desiree said...

Your photographs are superb, Phillip! And I love the way your imagination takes hold, inspired by these marvellous old gates :)