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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Spring 2.

Today was a freezing cold day but all the signs of approaching spring are here. Winter is reluctant to let go it's icy grip.This afternoon it warmed up a bit and I took the dogs for a walk again.

 A sure sign of spring, a black wattle tree in full bloom. Black wattle are native to Australia and were the basis of a very lucrative industry where the bark was used to make tannin extract from the bark which was used to tan leather. Other synthetic products have mostly replaced it now.

Managed to get a couple of photos of Sissie, here she is in mid stride.

Coiled like a spring ready to dash of.

Alert and ready to go. Looks a lot like a thorough bread race horse.

Another sing of spring, a terrapin lying in the shallows basking in the late afternoon sun. Being cold blooded creatures you don't see them in winter.

Was actually trying to take a photo of the cormorant in the willow tree, little black spot right at the top on the right.


Desiree said...

Sissie is so lithe and healthy, She must be such a joy to take on a walk! I just spotted the cormorant in the top right of the tree. Loved the scenic capture of that particular shot. I have never seen a real, live, swimming freely, terrapin! How exciting! The wattles are so pretty but as you mentioned in an earlier post, not a friend of allergy sufferers.

Kay L. Davies said...

The terrapin is wonderful, Phillip, and so are your dogs! I enlarged your photo but couldn't see the cormorant, probably because I'm using my little netbook with a small screen instead of my big iMac. We're traveling right now and I'll begin posting travel pictures next week.
-- Kay

Shoreman said...

Come on Summer. That was for you.


Jo said...

Ah Phil, glad to see signs of spring, You can believe how thin our blood is now we'rd getting older. I always freeze back in SA in winter. And we'll be biking for much of our leave, sooo. More cold. But it's exciting. Blessings and love. Jo