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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Tropical storm Irina.

I was hoping to go fly fishing at Injasuthi once again tomorrow, but the weather service has issued a warning predicting heavy rain for most of KwaZuluNatal and further inland. This is due to the tropical storm Irina that is moving down the Mozambique channel.

Below is a satellite photo of the tropical storm Irina approaching the southern Mozambique coast and north eastern KZN. The Island of Madagascar can be seen to the east of Mozambique with the Mozambique channel between them.

The storm passed over Madagascar sometime last week and moved down the Mozambuiqe channel. Later this afternoon it will hit the southern Mozambique coast and north eastern KZN. We have been warned to expect extremely heavy rains and flooding, inhabitants of low lying areas along rivers, have been told to evacuate. Storm surges of between 5 & 6 meters, (15 - 20 feet) are expected along the coast.

About 28 years ago the the tropical storm Demoina wreaked havoc here and the weather prophets are saying this one could be as bad or even worse. 

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Anonymous said...

its about 2hrs since the storm started here in durban kzn ,and so far jus some steady rain with no wind whatsoever,in fact its a quite storm.Ive been in an attitude of prayer from last night already praying that Almighty God would calm the storm and let it be driven out to sea.Ive been praying Ps 91.v 9-10.Jus been speaking to folks
in Saudi Arabia who say that they are also praying for us ALL back home