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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Get those boots on.

When I take my hiking boots out of the cupboard my dogs know now we're going walking or fishing, and their joy knows no bounds. 

Took my 6 weight rod with a foam popper and tried my luck on some bass. There's something so relaxing about casting a fly line, the rhythm, the timing, the whole process, is a bit like meditating. You loose yourself in the action of casting.

Click on photos to enlarge.

The boots that make my dogs so happy.

Lady can't contain herself,  "come on, come on, get those boots on," if she could she would put them on for me. Sissy gets a bit of grooming in. 

At last, we're on our way.

This White-faced duck seemed to think it was well hidden.

A heron settling down for the night.

While I was photographing the heron above, this small bass took my motionless popper and basically hooked himself. I caught several more bass among the reeds and water grass.

Walking home we were rewarded with this sunset.

1 comment:

kare said...

Oh What JOY !!
i can FEEL it just looking at her smilin' face!))
Thanks for sharing this..
...i Must smile now too!
Abby's smilin' in her own zany way as well.. all belly up too!
(check my post:)
& Blessings