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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Tropical storm Irina 2.

An update on the post of 3 hours ago. With my previous post the satellite photo showed the tropical storm still some way out to see. The satellite photo below shows that the storm has made landfall on the Southern Mozambique coast and north eastern KwaZuluNatal. The advance clouds of the tropical storm have already reached us here in Estcourt.

The map of Southern Africa can be compared to the satellite photo above. Click on the immage to enlarge. 

The rain bird is still calling, and his call seems to have a "I told you so edge to it."

Both immages from Kobus Botha weather.


Shoreman said...

Time to batten down your hatches.


Desiree said...

Yes, my words precisely...batten down, Phillip and sit tight!

Pumice said...

And if you lived here you could blame it all on George Bush.

Grace and Peace.