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Saturday, 17 March 2012


While sitting on the veranda enjoying a cup of coffee, in the late afternoon sun, I spotted this Skink also soaking up the last rays.

Click on photo to enlarge.

Variable skink. These little guys are quite happy to live very close to humans and there are several that live around the cottage. They often come walking in through the door and proceed to investigate the whole lounge, looking for insects to eat. Their diet consists of grasshoppers, spiders and other insects, sometimes even other lizards. The one in the photo was about 4 inches long.

Enlarge the photo to really appreciate it's beauty.


Jo said...

That is a beautiful skink, Phil. But he'd have no chance at all with my cats, especially Shadow and Ambrose. Together they wiped out the indoor ghekko/lizzard population in our Kenyan house (Shadow made short work of all outside the house too) and here in Tanzania it took them about two weeks to anihilate every one inside this house. Out in the street and Guest House garden though we have hundreds of those "dragons" I'll post about them shortly. Thanks for the lovely chat today. Love Jo

Kay L. Davies said...

What does a dog
think of a skink?
Is there a skink
in your kitchen sink?
What if a skink
were pink?
What would you think?

I suppose Cat isn't as interested in them as Ambrose and Shadow are, Phillip.
I'd like anything that eats spiders and other insects. Do they eat ants? Grasshoppers must make a rather large, crunchy meal for a 4" lizard.

Phillip said...

A pink skink would be weird but blue tongued skinks are common. Cat the cat is only interested in catching rats and mice.

Shoreman said...

One day my oldest cat (only inside) was watching something on the front porch and was so intense his tail was doing that flipping thing they do. I went over and opened the door a crack because I couldn't see what he was looking at. In a heartbeat he was one step out the door and had a 6" Alligator lizard in his mouth. "No you don't" I said, grabbed the lizard and put it back outdoors. The lizard survived, but I don't think the cat did. Just kidding, he's fine.


eileeninmd said...

Cool looking skink! Good thing they only eat insects. Have a great weekend!