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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

An ominous sky, or a sky full of promise?

Depends on your point of view a suppose.

Click on photo to enlarge for the full effect.

Might make a good cover for a Gothic novel though. Does any one still write Gothic novels? 


Kay L. Davies said...

Oh yes, a very Gothic sky.
I'm sure someone somewhere writes Gothic novels.

kare said...

Hello, i am a new follower..i love your blog..
...& now i want to Write that Gothic novel to go with your picture:)
i'm unsure but if you visit my Jabberwocky post... i think the song seems a bit Gothic?

Maybe not.

Anyways, i have distant relatives in Your country..2 brothers left Germany During the Kaisers rule..
1 went to America, the other to South Africa. i need to learn more at some point...but our family is still spread all over the place.

i found you through Gorges Grouse.