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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Half moon and vagaries of the weather.

Last night the Italian Leprechaun and I had one of our regular "braais", (BBQ). This is when we open a few beers, chew the fat, (literally and figuratively), and generally solve the Worlds problems. The sky was overcast but it did not look like rain, suddenly - it took only a few minutes - the clouds disappeared and the moon became visible. I grabbed my camera and took a few photos.

Click on photos to enlarge.

Just as fast as the clouds disappeared they gathered again.

The photo above has a hazy, almost halo effect around the moon due to the rapidly gathering clouds. These two photos were taken minutes apart. Within minutes it was completely overcast and it started to rain. We carried our BBQ equipment onto the far edge of the veranda and lit the fire. 

It's 09:45 am and still raining and cold, just letting us know winter is on it's way.


Gorges Smythe said...

Better grab those moments while you can, then!

Country Life said...

Love your pictures!