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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Photographer photographed.

The cosmos flowers have been absolutely stunning this year, and I have been out with my camera every afternoon, now that it's the autumn school holidays, at sunrise as well.

On Saturday morning I was out again, camera on the tripod taking photos of the flowers and the stunning sunrise. Time-laps sunrise photos in another post.

Click to enlarge.

Unbeknownst to me the Italian leprechaun, aka Enrico Bucceri, was photographing me. We had heavy rain the night before, thus the water drop on the flower. As an aside, on Saturday night a neighbouring farm measured 100 cm, not kidding, that's a meter of rain, more than 36 inches in 12 hours.

What I was photographing while being photographed.

Saturday afternoon I was out again with my camera.

Me totally unaware as the Italian leprechaun took another photo of me. Note the open mouth, a sure sign of me in deep concentration. 

How low can you go. I'm actually amazed at myself, it's the getting up again that's the problem. My three photographic assistants behind me, Sissy right behind me, Tombi to the right, and lady sitting demurely just to the left, Bruno was off doing the "man" thing, exploring. They have learnt to stay behind me while I'm taking a photo.

What I was concentrating so hard on. Trying to be "arty" but it didn't quite work. This farm track had been a river the night before.


e.m.b. said...

Lovely photos -- and I love the "arty" one. Little shoots of new green, brown fall...well done.

Jo said...

The last "arty" one is very good, Phil. I LOVE your assistants and the fact that the Italian Leprechaun takes photos of you taking photos! I managed to get exactly one opportunity to snap cosmos while in SA. But I managed a few good ones. Love and hugs Jo