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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

More photos of yesterday's sunset.

Some more photos I took yesterday, went out again this evening but the light was totally different.

Click to enlarge.

Silage cutter cutting maize for silage. Watching the two machines was like watching ballet. The tractor had to keep adjusting it's position so that the chopped maize was spread evenly in the trailer. These two machines were moving at speed just to make it more interesting.

The cutting of the maize has opened in new vistas.

Jock of the Bushveld, I mean Bruno of the maize fields admiring the sunset.

"Blue, blue, my world is blue".

Sleeping giant. Giants Castle mountain peaks, about 60 km away as the crow flies, and about 3000 meters high, (10,000 feet).

Crepuscular rays, looking direct east. These rays are the result of the sun setting behind clouds, and peaks in the mountains in the west. The blue is a shadow of a peak, or cloud, the rays are parallel but seem to converge on the horizon.


Jo said...

Phew,Phil, I've never seen such beautiful photos. I love the silage cutter and the way you composed that image. And of course, I LOVE Jock, err Bruno posing so beautifully against the sunset. Love and blessings, Jo

Gorges Smythe said...

Great photos. I see what you mean about the light.

Joyful said...

Beautiful scenery, Phillip. You are blessed to live in a beautiful area. Enjoy your weekend.