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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Fort Nottingham & Nottingham Road 3.

After my little trip into the country I returned to Nottingham Roads and Took a few more pictures.

The countryside around Nottingham Road is very easy on the eye, and epitomizes the area known as the Natal Midlands, green, lush and pastoral. 

Sunday morning joggers and their dogs heading for a run in the country.

This gnarled old oak tree caught my eye, although autumn is here it's leaves were still green. Note the moss and lichens on this the south side of the tree.

When I drove past earlier I noticed people arriving for the Sunday morning service at the "All Saints Anglican Church". It's what us country folk usually do on a Sunday "go to church", that is.

Lynch gate entrance to the church. 

A lot of effort and expense has obviously gone into the building of this gate. The wood looks like it's Natal yellow wood, and I wouldn't be exaggerating too much if I said it would cost almost it's weight in gold. A good investment though as I can imagine city couples wanting to get married in a country church and posing for photos beneath this gate, which traditionally would be decorated with flowers and ribbons for the wedding.

Not the prettiest of country churches, but the lynch gate makes up for it. Beyond the church there is a lovely garden, also convenient for wedding photos.

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Gorges Smythe said...

I like the old churches best.