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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Small mouth bass.

I haven't done much fishing this summer, the trout streams are all raging torrents, even the very small streams, and I would not try to wade any of them, most of our streams have be waded for any hope of success. Even my bass fishing in farm ponds has been very erratic, as I spend most of my time taking photos. Yesterday afternoon late though looked like a bass fishing evening, temperature, wind, light, every thing just right. Rigged up my 4/5 weight, too light as it turned out, and headed for the pond here on the farm.

All photos by the Italian leprechaun. (I can assure the ladies that Italian stallion he ain't).

Click to enlarge.

A partial view of the pond from the dam wall, a float tube might be a good option here due to the heavy weeds near the shore.

A very happy fly fisher.

A nice small mouth bass, one of six a hooked. These fish give you a good run for your money and my light rod did not help much. The last one I hooked just kept going, when I tried to stop it snapped my 3 x tippet like cotton.

Trying to save my woolly bugger without getting so deep that the water flows over the top of my boots.

Walking home the Italian leprechaun said that the two of us live like landed gentry, with none of the negatives that go with owning and managing a very large farm.


Jo said...

You certainly DO live like landed gentry on that beautiful land, Phil. Little Joshua caught his first bass at Tranquility Farm, Drakensberg (remember you visited us there one evening?) and is totally hooked (excuse the pun!) Then he caught a couple more and next thing little Elijah borrowed his rod and caught HIS first fish! Hope you enjoy the rest of your holidays. Love and blessings Jo

Mark Kautz-Shoreman said...

Your farm access does seem to give a some nice advantages. I've only caught one Small Mouth Bass in my life and it was by accident. I was fishing for trout and it hit the lure. It was about the same size as the one you caught.