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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Fort Nottingham & Nottingham Road.

I was going to go fishing today but the torrential rains we've had put paid to that, the river would have been in spate so I decided to do a photography trip. The area I covered was Fort Nottingham and Nottingham Road.

Click to enlarge.

Apart from this weathered sign there is nothing here. Fort Nottingham is more an idea than a place. A kilometre or two further on there is the Fort Nottingham museum, and a few cottages, I decided not to go there as the dirt road from this point looked rather wet and muddy. The area consists of small holdings and lush farms.

This is also prime racehorse breeding country and this one looks in excellent condition.

The side of this hill is covered in indigenous forest.

Then I saw this sign, and new why there is still a small piece of forest left. While I was taking this photo I heard the deep, sonorous, alarm bark of a male baboon echo through the forest. He had seen me but I could not seen him. 

All over Natal these little gems of nature are preserved, wetlands, grasslands, and scraps of indigenous forest such as this, they pop up in the most unexpected places. This little forest will definitely get a visit from me in the near future, I can only imagine the bird and other animal life here.

Autumn colours.

From here I retraced my route and went to Nottingham Road. How did these places get their names? More about that in a later post.


Gorges Smythe said...

Pretty countryside!

Mark Kautz-Shoreman said...

Based on what the sign says, sounds like a good place to stay in your car.

Jo said...

As you showed the forested hillside, I thought someone must be preserving that. I would love to visit it. Might just convince your BIL to test his new 4x4 on that road! Off to read about NR! Love Jo